Safe Workplace

Misconduct Case Management:

Less work. Better governance. Reduce Liability.

The shortcomings of existing solutions and lack of end-to-end capabilities have only exasperated the problem.

A case management solution that’s built for the needs of the modern world. 

“AI” coached case management that helps you mitigate liability at every step, ensuring you’re protected. 

Your team are prompted to take liability mitigating action wherever possible, with all mitigating activity recorded and tagged in the case audit trail. 

Surfacing hidden risks and providing invaluable BI

Emerging bad actors, microagressions and patterns of misconduct are identified early, enabling you to take preventative action.

BI dashboards showcase cultural challenges broken down by topic, geography, demographics and more. 

Replace outdated systems and scattered process

By using 1 system and not 100, you can drive cost and performance-based efficiencies. Where cases involve multiple stakeholders, effortless collaboration and centralise processes

Never worry about proving good governance.

We work with businesses to create communities of practice.

Affected employees can speak anonymously with HR & issue-specific professionals, building trust and avoiding outdated reporting lines. 

More than ‘Manage’. Solve.



& Intel





Audit trail