If you’re not convinced by the human problem
do this math:
= £ ...
is statistically the money you’re losing to workplace malfeasance
This impacts people & your pockets
Talent leaves or is expensive to keep
of witnesses leave
of victims leave
aged 18 - 30 more in salaries to retain workers if they consider leaving.
of workers won't apply
to a business with
negative press.
Can you thrive with the best talent turning their backs on you?
Risking your brand value
Doing nothing directly impacts your bottom-line.
“To ignore evil, is to become accomplice to it”
- Martin Luther King
executives considered brand reputation as the highest strategic risk area for a company.
of the average brands’ value is intangible.
Legislation is accelerating
If you don’t have any credible means to identify, manage and resolve issues you’re likely to end up, at best, with an expensive settlement. At worst, a criminal case.
The UK Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) 1998 provides protection to “workers” making disclosures in the public interest and allows such individuals to claim compensation for victimisation following such disclosures.
The EU Whistleblowing Directive forces every company with over 50 employees to implement internal anonymous reporting with diligent processes and follow up by 2023
The UN’s International Labour Organisation has hosted discussions in Geneva on a treaty to end “violence and harassment in the world of work”.
Yesterday’s banter is today's toxic behaviour
Employee discrimination suits are up 400%
and did we mention ...
£600 for. every. employee.
is statistically the money you’re losing averaged per employee to workplace malfeasance through measured productivity loss, absenteeism and staff turnover.
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Safe Workplace
Creating ethical & risk-free workplaces
Safe workplace
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